Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Vacay!!!!

        Recently, my sister- in- law suggested that we set a date for a family vacation that will become an annual thing.  Every year we will keep the same dates open for this family vacation to ensure that we get to see each other no matter how far away we live.  Our theme name for this year's vacation was "Super Vacay" and this vacation was nothing short of that title.  We had boating, tubing, water skiing, water slides, tie dye, ping pong tournaments, dance offs, old school polaroids, hiking, s'mores, pizza on the grill, late night charades and more!
        I love spending time with my family.  There is a certain sarcasm that my family has that I don't think anyone else would ever understand.  The fact that Sarah and Chris (my brother's wife and my husband) are able to just jump right into our sarcastic ways just shows that they were meant to be part of our family. Or it just means that they are crazy like we are.
        The reason I love spending time with my family is because they get me... I can totally be myself around them, and I know that they are being themselves as well.  Sometimes I think this is the whole reason that we even have family vacations.  It's time to just be your "real" self, which is usually something that people would be embarrassed of at work, church, or even the grocery store.  Sometimes being your "real" self can bring on little quarrels and disagreements but I have to say that it is refreshing.  I get tired of the passive aggressive behavior that I come across daily just because people are trying to be "nice" and not say what they really mean.  

 I love my family more than anything in the world, and I think this deep love comes from being honest with each other.  Oh, and a little forgiveness... for the little quarrels I was talking about earlier... 

 And just when you think you can't possible love anyone as much as the family you already have, another member is born.  Ha!  Not only does she fit perfectly into our family but she makes it even better! God is good.

So all that to say: Everyone should have an annual SUPER VACAY, but thats just me.