Tuesday, July 20, 2010


A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing my first wedding where I was the "hired photographer". So I got to be right up front, I got to tell people when they were in my way, and I also got to pose people how I wanted. It was so great, I really loved it... But those are not the only reasons that I loved photographing the wedding. There is something so special about documenting that day for people. I love seeing how excited the bride and groom are while they are getting ready for their big day. They have thought about this day for months and planned everything out as much as they can, but now none of the details matter anymore. Even if the frosting on the cake doesn't match the bridesmaids dresses, or if the bouquets arrive with lilies instead of roses, the wedding is still going to happen! Its now or never, the worrying is put aside and its just time to do up the hair and put on the dress.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was the actual ceremony. Seeing the groom's face while he was waiting for the bride to come down the aisle and then the bride's face when she gets close enough to see the tears in the groom's eyes... Its such an amazing moment, and I got a front row seat, not only that but it was my responsibility to document that moment so that they can remember exactly how they felt.

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