Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fairy Tale come true...

I just photographed a really beautiful wedding in Georgia a week ago. Now, I love weddings for a lot of reasons. I could probably write a whole book about why, but I will spare you and just pick one topic for this post. I noticed something at this last wedding and that is that we all love just staring at the magnificent bride all day. She just looks so stunning and perfect in her white dress with her veil blowing in the wind. If you've been to a wedding you know what I'm talking about.
Of course some people are looking at her with admiration, some are looking with pride, and there are the select few that are looking at her with envy. We all know how the groom is going to look at the bride when he first sees her.

This is how the groom looked at the bride at this wedding at least. Amazing right? His face says it all. He really loves her, and he feels so blessed. I also noticed that the father of the bride only really cares about one look, and you would think it would be the groom's, but it's not. He cares a little of course, but why wouldn't the groom be smiling when he sees this princess walking towards him? That's a given. The reaction that the father of the bride cares most about is the look that his daughter has on her face when she sees the groom. Because you see, he knows that the groom is lucky to have his daughter , but does his daughter feel lucky? Does she feel like her fairy tale is coming true? Only then can he be truly happy about walking his little princess down the aisle.

Anyone that attended this wedding knows that the answer to this father's question is yes. From the way this beautiful bride looked at her groom, we could all see that she felt the same way her groom did, and of course she felt like her fairy tale was indeed coming true.

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