Monday, December 14, 2009

Big Cats

If you read my earlier post you saw that I went to Tennessee over Thanksgiving break to visit my husband's parents. While I was there in Tennessee we went to the Knoxville Zoo and I had some encounters with some of the animals that I never would have imagined possible....

First of all, I did not realize that you could get this close to a male Lion!
He did not seem to be completely comfortable with Chris and I standing so close!
He paced back and forth and had a deep low growl that he was managing to get out without opening his large mouth. He looked a little frantic, like he was trying to hold back his frustration towards us. Chris and I were counting on that fence between us and the Lion to protect us in case of an outburst!

Once again, I did not realize that you could get this close to these big cats!
There was a sign on the fence that said, "Please NO Flash photography", the cat apparently really does not like flash. I heard a story before about a guy in the circus who had been a Bengal Tiger's trainer for many years. One night he decided to wear a silver sequins shirt and it caused his faithful tiger to attack him and kill him!! Many of you might remember this..
Well I remembered this and decided to follow the instructions on the sign and turn my flash off. Well it seemed like that tiger knew that big cameras like mine are the ones that usually produce this huge flash that he hates! He decided to try and scare me out of taking pictures of him!
He jumped up on the fence about 5 ft. in front of me and growled a big cat growl, causing me to jump and miss the picture of his huge mouth wide open! Instead I snapped a picture right after, getting a lousy closed mouth. Soooo.. Despite the fact that I didn't get that great picture, has anyone else ever been growled at by a Tiger and a Lion in one day??

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