Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowed in at Grandma's house

So...It turns out that being snowed in at Grandma's house isn't so bad after all, especially when Grandma's house is in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
When I took this photo the snow was still coming down, so Chris was holding an umbrella over me as I tried out all different angles.

My favorite part about snowstorms is how quiet they are. The snow was coming down so hard and yet is was the quietest day of the year in Gettysburg.

At this point I was walking down the middle of a street that is usually busy and loud with tourists trying to see every monument and read every sign. Instead I was walking through a ghost town....All I could hear was the snow falling on my umbrella and the snap of my shutter button.


  1. Very nice. How are you and Chris? Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks Rita! We are doing great! Ready to start our last semester of school.