Thursday, January 14, 2010

Florida Keys

So....the second part of my Christmas break was a little different than my snow days in Pennsylvania.
We were very lucky to get this campsite on the beach at Long Key State Park. This place books up months in advance, but we pulled in to the state park just to check for a cancellation. Sure enough someone had cancelled minutes before we drove up. Our tent was literally 20ft from the water!
By the way I didn't cheat and have someone take this photo for us.. I used my lovely tripod, external flash, and my 10 second timer...

The reason someone cancelled their reservation for the campsite was because of the unusually cold weather for the keys. But for us, compared to Virginia weather, this was perfect.
We left the rain fly off of our tent so that we could see the stars through the tent. In the morning we opened up the front door to see the morning light on the ocean water. What a spot! This picture here was our amazing view.

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  1. What a great way to vacation, camped on the beach! I hope your holidays went well. I love the photos, so beautiful!!